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2018 Ford Mustang first drive review: getting serious
Article 71 - Posted 05 December 2017 - Post a comment

Ever since Chevrolet relaunched the Camaro, it’s effectively been poking Ford, almost trying to provoke its oldest rival with cars like the SS 1LE, Z/28, and ZL1. And Ford has spent the past several years politely asking Chevy to stop with a short string of competitors in the Boss 302, GT500, and most recently the GT350.

The 2018 Ford Mustang is what happens when the polite requests turn into a right hook.

Adopting some of the most successful elements from the high-performance Shelby GT350, the facelifted Mustang stares down its rival from downtown Detroit on the most even playing field in years.

More gears, more power

Traditional facelifts usually consist of new headlights, new taillights, a freshened set of technology, and not much else. The 2018 Mustang has all of that, but a whole lot more. Ford's engineers started—as is so often the case with muscle cars—under the hood.

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