1960 Pontiac Pontiac Strato Chief 1960 Model
For Sale - (R349,000.00)

Ian Kilburn


The example we have for sale is an original South African assembled vehicle. The car has had an extensive restoration with a modern and reliable touch added. The old motor was replaced with a Lexus VVTI V8 engine and gear box. The brakes have been replaced all round using 7-series BMW Disc brakes. The suspension is original but lower springs have been fitted making the cars stance all the mightier. The interior and carpets are all brand new using genuine leather on the seats, dash and door panels. A brand new complete free flowing stainless steel exhaust system has been fitted. The old original style speedo meter has been GPS adapted. The car is fitted with 18’inch wheels slightly off set on the rear. All the chrome trimmings are original and have been chromed to the highest quality

If you are looking for a Classic 60”s style pure American Muscle Car with all the modern mechanicals and reliability you are not going to get a better example.
Pontiac Strato Chief 1960 Model
4 liter V8
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1960 Pontiac Pontiac Strato Chief 1960 Model
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